“Ears on” supports children with hearing loss

Welcome to Rockin'wear

 This is an extension of my long time business Little Rock creations. I wanted a fresh new site that would be solely focused on apparel and fashion. I started LRC 8 years ago, everything is hand crafted by me, a mom of 3 located in New York.
With new life challenges, comes new opportunities. With the birth of our third child Molly we quickly learned after her failed newborn tests that she was severely hard of hearing. My world stopped turning for a bit, we surrounded her with love and support. We formed new friendships and better educated our selfs and our "village". With that new insight we quickly discovered that Emma, our middle child also had hearing loss, though not as severe as her younger sister. My world had been completely turned upside down. We found so much support from strangers, that quickly became friends,it was inspiring. It opened my eyes to this whole new beautiful world, a new language is being learned.. a new beginning, a new us! This is where the Rockin'wear logo was born..its a reminder that THEY will be ok, I will be ok. 👌🏼My ultimate goal in forming this new business, besides continuing to do what I love!! Is to educate as many people as possible and spread awareness.